Vineyard Horizon

Concéntrico Logroño International Festival, Viña Lanciano

Design Team: Giuseppe Vultaggio, Ulaş Kaşıkçı

Vineyard Horizon unfolds as a horizontal line following the linear pattern of the vineyards, symbolizing the interconnectedness of nature,viticulture, and human experience. Commencing with a pristine white carpet at the ground level, the path beckons visitors to embark an im-mersive journey through the heart of the Vina Lanciano.

The Vineyard Horizon at Vina Lanciano is a 50-meter path that combines wood materials and various architectural elements with a maximum height of 3 meters. The 1-meter width invites visitors to an immersive and respectful experience, harmonizing with the vineyard landscape.

Ascending three steps, visitors reach the grape tree canopy, gaining a unique view of the vast vineyard. The path includes special features enhancing the overall experience. 

-         Meditation Point:

A tranquil enclave adorned with natural elements in Viña Lanciano, inviting introspection and connection with the vineyard's organic beauty, creating a serene atmosphere for visitors.

-         Sunset Watching Point:

Strategically positioned platform has a breathtaking sunset view over the Ebro River, offering festival-goers an unforgettable sensory experience in Viña Lanciano

-         Meeting Point:

Communal space fostering social connections, evolve into a festival hub, enhancing a sense of togetherness in Viña Lanciano.

-         Observatory Point:

Elevated platform for unobstructed views, providing bird's - eye connection with Viña Lanciano's diverse ecosystem and enhancing understanding through interpretive displays.

-         Arch Gates:

Artfully designed structures along the serpentine path seamlessly blending natural and architectural beauty, framing key vistas for a captivating journey.