Giuseppe Vultaggio, Director

Camilla Cacciamani, Communication Manager

Between 2003 and 2011 Giuseppe Vultaggio collaborated with the international firms IaN+ (Rome), Njiric+ Arhitekti (Zagreb), NIO architecten (Rotterdam), and ZAHA HADID (Rome). In these offices he was in charge of the whole design process, from the concept to the construction drawings, with a particular attention to digital modelling and visualisation techniques. At the same time Vultaggio conducted personal research projects. In 2004 he received Honourable Mention for "A museum-bridge for Venice" competition. In 2008 his underground molecular layout for an ecumenical centre was selected by the Académie des Beaux-Arts of Paris in the "Le Nouvel Etablissement Humain - Application sur la ville d'Arles" competition. Selected in 2008 for the "27/37 Roman Young Architects" exhibition and in 2011 for the New Italian Blood "Young Italian Architects" Top Ten, Vultaggio exhibited his works in Italy as well abroad.

In 2011 he founded GVultaggio Architecture&Design, a multidisciplinary design laboratory whose activity spans from diagrammatic-conceptual research to construction design. The office is organised as a network: it is a dynamic and flexible organisation in which professionals and technicians with diverse experiences constantly interact to develop proposals in which all their components are built in the architectural organism. A particular attention is brought to the environmental sustainability with projects and prototypes whose systems are integrated into the architectural vision. A peculiar example of this design approach is the High Energy Way, a proposal for the conversion of the motorway network into an active energy system that was awarded Honourable Mention in the "Green Boulevards, the tree-lined way of the Third Millennium" competition.

Design team (From 2017 - To ...)

Camilla Cacciamani - Communication Manager
Ulaş Kaşıkçı

Mikolaj Walesa

Ariana Menichetti
Alexander Della Volpe Sisco
Weiwei Mao

Aigul Itchanova
Madalina Dana Dovleac
Juliette Antoni
Cerasela Petrescu
Dimitra Chatziandreou
Natasa Ferentinou
Bianca Santoli
Gian Luca Petroselli
Shabnam Behnam
Caterina Pirrera
Beata Mądrakiewicz
Luise Alfes
Giuliana Sibilia

Dimitra Chatziandreou

Fabio Maiolin

Marta Atzeni (Guest critic)
Lina Venström Rex