The Chamber between Clouds

Artdoor awake festival, Teleki Estate, Gornești, Mureș, Romania, 1st Prize

Design team: Jiuliette Antoni (FR), Cerasela Preotescu (RO), Giuseppe Vultaggio (IT)

"The Chamber between Clouds" is an intimate, relaxing space dedicated to meditation, freed from the agitation of terrestrial life, which gives us a privileged connection with the celestial world. It opens like a secret chamber, a mystical, magical and hidden world, a metaphor of Alice's wonderful world. For one, two, or three people, the fifty-third room of Teleki Castle outside the calendar year, outside of the flying time, for a moment gives us a dream, a thought among the clouds.

The project, easy to assemble and disassemble, sits directly on the ground through three stairs, offering at the top some places to stay. These three stairs behave like three poles that support both the entire structure of the installation and the visitors. A custom printed fabric with a particular graphic pattern surrounds users. The fabric is supported by a wooden structure.

"The Chamber Between the Clouds" is a facility that interacts with visitors, inviting them to enter a world beyond the space-time concept in the fifty-third chamber of Teleki Castle, the fifty-third week of the year. The height of the structure and fabric surrounding it underscores this sensation, that of an intimate room, and invites us to meditation and relaxation, head in the clouds.